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“We feel we learn something new and exciting each time we design and build a project.”

Residential Hillside designs and construction continues to get more difficult and complex as each year passes. As Architects, those restrictions and perimeters can or should lead to interesting solutions.
Our challenge beyond meeting Planning and Building & Safety Concerns – was how to incorporate the entire site in the process without over powering the Neighborhood. We started by setting the home back further than we were required, something not usually done when building in the hills. By doing that, we could lower the home into the site. This reduced the impact of the front façade on the street.
Now the taller portion on the front façade was equal with our neighbor to the east, and then we transitioned down some eight feet to match the neighbor to the west. We continued to execute this thinking as we stepped or terraced the project from North to South, keeping well below the building height envelope required by B&S.
Another challenge was to create an open and spacious feeling, without sacrificing privacy. Again – the lowering of the home, set the floor levels below our neighbors – which took advantage of the existing mature landscaping, and gave us a good start on achieving total privacy for everyone.
We love modern or is the word – contemporary? Often used incorrectly or interchanged inappropriately.
This home, created for an Icelandic man and his Seattle wife – needed to accomplish a clean modern feeling, and yet even with the large windows and openings – needed to feel warm and inviting. Therefore the “nestled in” aspect we strived for, was important to them.
Also very important to us and our client was energy efficiency. This home is equipped with sate of the art electronics. Everything can and is monitored.
You can look on your iPhone and know exactly how much energy you are generating with your 9kW Solar Panels, or check the salt levels in the pool.
All can be adjusted no matter where you are in the world – even from Iceland.
The Lutron Blinds are on a program that opens and closes the blinds, as the sun moves across the sky during the day. All appliances are electric – the only natural gas used is for the Hydro System, which is a super efficient hot water system that also heats the radiant floors. The roof is a PVC cool roof. The insulation was a blown in blanket system that leaves no gaps in the framed bays. The windows are dual glazed with thermal break in the window frames.
We feel we learn something new and exciting each time we design and build a project.
We then hope to take that knowledge and experience to the next project.
Each time setting a higher standard for us.

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